New Chapter Development

1-2-3-4 to Become an NAJA Provisional Chapter

JA is a group of women…

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JA Chapters are entirely unconnected with and independent of any other organization and be must be located in an area having a minimum population of 7,500.


Contact NAJA for information about the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc.

A Chapter Development Coordinator will contact you to discuss the process of starting a JA Chapter. They will provide continued support and guidance throughout the process of establishing a Provisional Chapter.


Share JA information with others in the community

Use email and social media to find other interested in helping establish a Junior Auxiliary Chapter in the area. A minimum of 20-30 ladies is required to schedule an informational meeting.


Invite all interested parties to an INFORMATIONAL MEETING

At the Informational Meeting, representatives for NAJA will give information to the group about the history of JA, requirements for becoming a NAJA Chapter, and the advantages NAJA offers individuals, communities, and members.

You may have more than one informational meeting if the group feels that it is needed. The group may elected to vote to form the Chapter or wait until the organizational meeting.



At the Organization meeting attendees, if vote has not already been held at the Informational meeting, will vote to petition NAJA to become a Provisional Chapter, elect officers, and begin the process to become an Active Chapter in the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc.

Throughout this initial process and after the group’s time as a Provisional Chapter, NAJA Representatives will be there to guide and train members in establishing a strong and effective Active Chapter.