What We Do

Our Motto

“Care Today – Character Tomorrow”

Our Mission Statement

To provide support, resources, and educational, leadership, cultural, and healthcare training for NAJA Members in order to optimize community service by NAJA Chapters.

Definition of a Project

The work unit of the Junior Auxiliary Chapter is the project. A project is a planned undertaking in the fields of Welfare, Health, Recreation, Culture, or Education for which the Chapter has some part of financial or administrative responsibility. All projects undertaken by the Chapter must be voted upon by the Chapter membership. No project should be undertaken which does not receive the attention of a sufficient number of members to benefit the program of the Chapter. Adoption of or participation in projects sponsored by other religious, school, or civic organizations should be kept to a minimum. Chapter involvement in any political activity is prohibited.

The Chapter Project is generally initiated with the idea that, after having been successfully established and operated, an appropriate community group will assume responsibility for its continuance. If a project is not taken over by a community group within five years, the Chapter should re-evaluate the project to determine if it is still performing a necessary service to the community. If an essential service is being provided, then the project should be continued by the Chapter. A Chapter should always be ready to expand activities to meet new needs arising from changing times.

A Junior Auxiliary Chapter is encouraged to spend only a minimum amount of time and resources on projects sponsored by other religious, school, or civic organizations. A Chapter should use its membership to work on projects that the Chapter initiated in order to meet needs that are not being met by other groups in the community. As a general rule, a member’s participation in other community projects should be done as a community volunteer and should not be eligible for a Junior Auxiliary Service hour.