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December 2021 News

Speak Love

As JA members, we have the honor and privilege to show kindness to others and “be the kind in humankind”. Just as we are called to “keep our hands quick to help others in their need”, we are called to recognize the power of our words.

In her book Speak Love, Annie F. Downs provides us practical examples on how to speak kindness and love to ourselves and others. Each year National Focus Awards are given to recognize Chapters that sponsor outstanding projects pertaining to the National Focus. Your NAJA education committee encourages you to use Speak Love in your chapter or community in one of the following ways: • Start a book club in your chapter. • Use as a personal devotional book (includes 30 days of devotions). • Create a presentation for your chapter, crown club, or community. • Provide education hours to your members for reading.


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