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August 2021 News


Q: Where do I find the NAJA Membership Card and when it is due?

A: The NAJA Membership Card can be found on the NAJA website, and are due within 30 days of the first provisional meeting. Simply visit → Chapters → Forms & Guides → Provisional Online Membership Card to submit electronically. —Stephanie Payne, JA of Biloxi-Ocean Springs, MS

Q: My Chapter struggles with knowing the roles of each board member and getting started each new year. What can we do?

A: Here are a few things to try:

 Review your Constitution and NAJA Handbook

• Ask your CSC to conduct a Chapter Board Training

• Create a game of roles to play at your next Board Meeting

 Complete Board Member Commitment Forms annually

—Megan Landry-Lalande, JA of Abbeville, LA

Q: How can I serve on the National level? At what point in my JA career should I start thinking about this?

A: Let your CSC or anyone that is presently serving at the National level know! Whether it's your 4th Active Year, or 4 years after becoming a Life Member, you want to be sure that you give your time and understand JA at the Chapter level before you take the next step. —Kathryn Huffman, JA of Tipton County, TN

Q: I see other Chapters doing a project that I would like to learn more about. How can I find that information?

A: The Directory is a great guide! Simple login to the NAJA website and navigate to Directory for the latest information on service and finance projects, contact information for Board Members from each Chapter, and so much more. —Rachel Epps, JA of Desoto County, MS

Q: What do we do about our service projects amidst the growing COVID variant concerns?

A: Take a cue from the event venue and follow local and state guidelines. For example, masks are required indoors for anyone who is not completely vaccinated in my area. By following local and state guidelines, it takes the pressure off of the Chapter to make the rules. I would also suggest temperature checks as participants arrive to prevent the spread of any illness, and to check protocols regularly for upcoming projects. It's a new, crazy world in which to plan an event! —Amy Littleon, JA of Tupelo, MS


Other Helpful Hints

  • You should never have more finance hours than service hours.

  • Utilize education hours to get to know NAJA, the history of your Chapter, and how to be a better member.

  • When in doubt, bring it to a vote by the Chapter.

  • If you're having a difficult time finding members, think of 5 people you surround yourself with or see on a weekly basis and get them involved.

  • Look to invite your Associate & Life Members to help with social, service, education, and even finance hour opportunities and functions.


Tips for Awards

  • Follow Instructions carefully. Make sure to use the requested spacing and word count.

  • Include all the information mentioned in the narrative and scoring rubric.

  • It's all in the 'story'—you need a great writer to tell the story, not just the facts.

  • Apply! You will never win if you don't try.


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